Notes to the Prospective Students

Do not hesitate to contact me through email. I check my email box very frequently. If you are requesting for research opportunities, please include CV, transcripts, and a brief statement about your background and research interests. Please be concise in the email, avoid using the GenAI to generate the over-polite sentences. I check and reply email very frequently, but do not expect a reply if your email makes me feel like a general template.

Our lab has multiple openings (fully funded) starting from Fall 2024 and I am looking for students in the areas of wireless networking and mobile computing. Students with CS or EE backgrounds are welcome to apply. (I am recruiting students from the CS department right now and am in the process of getting a secondary appointment at the ECE department to recruit students directly from the ECE department. In the interim, ECE department students can be recruited through co-advising.)

Our group’s research projects are interdisciplinary, and the candidates are expected to have a solid background in network/mobile systems, a strong motivation towards studying multidisciplinary knowledge, and be willing to commit to years of concentrated work.

Candidates with the following experience (Not all-inclusive) are a plus:
(1) Networking embedded systems hardware designing and programming. (For example, Wi-Fi router hacking, wireless IoT, etc.)
(2) Experience in RF hardware design (RF circuits, antenna design, etc.).
(3) Signal processing for communication and wireless sensing (with FPGA, SDR, Radar, etc.)
(4) Multi-modal sensor fusion for mobile applications.
(5) Mobile device programming for mobile networking and sensing (acoustic, Wi-Fi, BLE, UWB, IMU, etc.).
(6) Designing and implementing machine learning models to solve problems in wireless networking and ubiquitous computing.

Check the application information and link to the application portal at link.
Please note that the CS Department application deadline is December 15. The ECE Department application deadline is December 22.

If you are a JHU student and looking for research opportunities, don’t hesitate to ping me to schedule a meeting. I also suggest you take my courses. I will teach 601.716 Advanced Topics In Internet of Things in the 2024 Spring and 601.414/614 Computer Networks in the 2024 Fall.

If you plan to visit our team through a J-1 visa, please note that the internal processing time is about 2-3 weeks after the department receives the completed application, and visa processing may take 3-4 months. So please contact me well in advance.

JHU has several new faculties forming a large networking group that covers multiple areas (computer network, measurement, network security, etc.). Please also check opportunities from other faculties, such as Alex Marder, Krishan Sabnani, Yinzhi Cao, etc.